What is Three Wise Kangaroos

I have created Three Wise Kangaroos with both students and teachers of English in mind with the view to sharing my best educational resources and ideas for effective language teaching and learning.

If you are a student who likes autonomous learning and is on the lookout for  engaging self-study resources based on authentic audio materials with loads of additional practice, look no further. Three Wise Kangaroos offers you a selection of complete lessons, all based on interesting video content with comprehension questions included to guide your viewing and with answer keys for self-evaluation. With every lesson comes the bonus of supplementary, topic-based vocabulary practice that you can use as a way of testing your existing range of vocabulary or a method of expanding it. You will also find respective worksheets for communicative practice which you can use with friends or as topics for writing.

Busy teachers are more than welcome to dig in and pick and choose from plenty of printable, user-friendly readymade lesson plans and vocabulary and conversation worksheets, available in a PDF format as well, for lessons that get students talking time and time again. My free online resources cover topics that students can relate to, are up to date content-wise, varied in terms of levels, presented in an attractive visual form and, most importantly, require zero preparation! They are readymade handouts available at the click of a button, ready to be shared in a physical or virtual classroom. These are great classrooms timesavers, expandable and adjustable to your needs.

The supplementary vocabulary and speaking resources can be used with the video-based lessons or independently of them.
To top it all off, you will find plenty of interactive vocabulary quizzes that offer immediate scoring and come supplemented with additional PDF files for your convenience.

Take a peek. You might be surprised.

Happy digging!