Australian trivia quiz

So, you can locate Australia on the map and name a few of its endemic species and iconic locations. You have heard of Kylie Minogue, AC/DC and Crocodile Dundee.
What else do you know about this fascinating country?

Test your knowledge of Down Under by doing the Australian trivia quiz.

Australian trivia

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The Aboriginal name of Ayers Rock is:

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Which of the following is NOT a state/territory of Australia?

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Which constellation of stars appears on the Australian flag?

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What two animals appear on the Australian coat of arms?

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The Australian Prime Minister who went for a swim in the ocean and was never seen again was:

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Who were the first Europeans to discover and map part of Australia's coastline?

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What is another name for a eucalyptus tree, commonly found in Australia?

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Which of these rock bands is NOT from Australia?

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What percentage of Australia's population lives near the coast?

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Which of these people is NOT Australian?

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A duck-billed, egg-laying mammal native to Australia is called:

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Which of these is NOT another name for Australia?

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Who is the Head of State of Australia?

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What is the name of Australia's highest mountain?

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What is a billabong?

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Which coast did Captain Cook arrive at?

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What colours are the Australian Aboriginal Flag?

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West Coast Eagles, Sydney Swans, Brisbane Lions and North Melbourne Kangaroos are all names of:

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What is the population of Australia?

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Mozzie is a colloquial Australian equivalent of:

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The image “Greeting Card Map of Australia” courtesy of La La Land and the artist: Lilly Perrott

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