IKEA – how labour leads to love

Wherever you live on this planet, the chances are you have been to or at least hear of IKEA- the Swedish furniture giant. In today’s lesson you will learn about the retail strategies the company uses to keep customers coming and you will be able to test your knowledge of vocabulary connected with furniture and home decor.

And if you’d like some extra resources related to the topic of home improvements, dig into Vocabulary and Conversation Booster Part 1 for a plethora of activities!

Unit 4 is all about House and Home and here’s what you’ll find in it:

  • Things you find around the house – vocabulary race
  • Problems with things in the house
  • Things you do around the house or pay someone to do
  • Let’s talk about making home improvements
  • Idioms with parts of the house
  • Challenges

I hope you enjoy the lesson!

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