English at Work

$10.00 AUD

  • English at work – preview
  • a practical workbook packed with real-life language and engaging activities
  • suitable for both general English and business English courses
  • divided into 15 sections according to work-related themes
  • a variety of vocabulary, writing and communicative exercises
  • perfect for self-study as well as a great teaching resource
  • user-friendly format
  • suitable for B1,B2 and C1 students


English at Work is a collection of practical exercises connected with the area of work. It is divided into fifteen units based on workplace-related themes and can be used by both students and teachers of English. The former can use it as a practical self-study workbook, the latter, as a versatile resource-pack filled with hassle-free materials. It is aimed at B2-C1 students, although it can also be adapted for use with B1 learners.

The e-book is filled with real-life language and fun,varied, user-friendly activities. Apart from vocabulary practice, there are plenty of communicative activities, writing tasks as well as tips on how to make learning fun and effective.

If you are an autonomous learner, you will find this workbook a useful companion for improving your range of vocabulary, learning useful fixed phrases and phrasal verbs for office communication, preparing for a job interview, understanding the nuances of English, learning about ways to describe yourself as an employee and describing your workplace duties and much more.

A busy teacher will find here plenty of useful resources to use both in their general and business English class. There is a whole variety of activities to choose from- starting with vocabulary races, to gap-fill exercises, to communicative practice, to writing tasks, to dialogue filling spanning across various aspects of work.