Communicative Grammar

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Communicative Grammar

  • Communicative Grammar – preview
  • designed to help students reflect on and test the English grammar they already know and practise it through a series of communicative activities
  • allows students to see the practical application of grammar in a context that is relatable to them
  • packed with meaningful communicative activities and a wide range of stimulating, up-to-date topics that will get students talking
  • suitable for B1, B2 and C1 learners
  • covers the majority of aspects of English grammar
  • organised into handy, grammatical categories
  • features 55 units and over 600 questions/discussion points
  • offers a variety of activities to choose from for individual and group courses
  • user-friendly format and visually appealing layout
  • suitable for both online and face-to-face classes
  • can be used as a self-study workbook can be used together with the interactive grammar quizzes you will find on
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Communicative Grammar is an e-book designed to help students test and apply their knowledge of English grammar and further practice it through a series of conversation-based activities. It gives the students an opportunity to revise the grammar they already know and reinforce it by doing stimulating activities and discussing a wide variety of engaging topics that are relevant to them. All the activities are context-based and relatable for students to encourage genuine communication and exchange of information.

The e-book is organised into grammatical categories and includes 55 units and over 600 questions/discussion points. Each unit concentrates on a particular grammar aspect and some aspects are covered in more than one unit. The material is not organised according to level of difficulty and does not have to be followed in any particular order so you can pick and choose whatever content best suits your needs.

The e-book is a practical workbook aimed at both teachers and independent learners of English. If you are an autonomous student, use this e-book as a great way of organising your grammar. It will allow you to test, revise, learn and practise your grammar and ultimately help you improve your accuracy in English. You can use the questions from the communicative part to practise speaking with fellow students of English or you can simply record yourself answering the questions and later on listen to the recordings for any errors.

If you are a teacher of English, use this e-book as a great resource pack to supplement your courses. You can pick and choose from a variety of activities, depending on your and your students’ needs. The e-book is aimed at B1, B2 and C1 students and you can use it for pair work, group work, class discussions and debates and one-on-one lessons. It’s suitable for both online and face-to-face classes.


  1. Hanna

    This ebook is fantastic. I I love working with materials which make my students think. With this ebook my grammar lessons are more interesting, involving. and speaking happens very naturally. My students don’t even realize that we practice grammar – we just talk about life 🙂 Thank you

  2. Laura

    This is a great book to dip into to consolidate grammar lessons and provide some communication practice. It is especially good for students to practice question formation. The topics are stimulating for adults and older teenagers and can naturally lead to some interesting discussions. A must-have for any ESL teacher’s collection. 😀

  3. Pamela

    This book is an excellent resource for reinforcing grammar lessons and honing communication skills. It is particularly beneficial for students looking to practice question formation. The thought-provoking topics cater to adults and older teenagers, fostering engaging discussions. It is an essential addition to every ESL teacher’s collection, I highly recommend it. Works well in UK too. : )

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