Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 3

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Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 3

  • Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 3 – preview
  • the third e-book in a  series that focuses on developing vocabulary and speaking skills for B1, B2 and C1 learners
  • a great resource packed with various lexical and speaking exercises- in total over 300 vocabulary items, over 100 discussion questions, over 30 idioms and 20 language challenges
  • organised into five handy theme-based units: Money, Sport, Clothes and Fashion, Childhood and Time
  • each unit features vocabulary practice, conversation questions, idiomatic expressions and language challenges connected with a given theme
  • perfect for self-study as well as a great teaching tool
  • user-friendly format, suitable for both online and face-to-face classes
  • can be used as a supplementary resource for other coursebooks or as a base for conversational courses
  • can be used together with the instant, video-based lessons you will find on threewisekangaroos.com


Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 3 is the third e-book in a series aimed at helping students improve their range of lexis and hence their speaking skills. It consists of five theme-based units, each of which includes a variety of vocabulary exercises, stimulating discussion topics, idiomatic expressions with additional speaking practice and a list of challenges- practical tasks that will allow the students to use the newly learnt material outside class in a wide range of scenarios.

A busy teacher will find this e-book a very handy resource for supplementing their regular courses with additional lexical and communicative practice. The discussion questions offered in each unit encompass many different aspects of a given theme and tie in nicely with the lexical material from the vocabulary part. The challenges offered at the end of each unit make for great homework as they allow the students to revise and consolidate the newly-learnt material in fun and creative ways. The e-book’s layout allows you to easily pick and choose the content most suitable to your needs.

All the units are going to have corresponding video-based lessons, which will appear on threewisekangaroos.com systematically.

If you are an autonomous learner, use this e-book as a way of testing, learning and revising vocabulary theme by theme. You will find a whole range of activities to choose from for your daily language practice. Use the conversation questions while practising English with friends or simply record yourself answering them, listen to the recordings and see if you could have said things differently. The challenges you’ll find at the end of each unit will offer more opportunity to utilise the freshly-learnt material in practice and show you how you can apply your knowledge in real life.


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