Test your phrasal verbs

Many students of English find phrasal verbs hard to learn and confusing but phrasal verbs are part and parcel of the language and being able to use them correctly and naturally is what makes the difference between advanced speakers and native-like speakers. The trick is to learn them in context and pay attention to the nouns they collocate with.

Here’s a quiz that will give you an opportunity to do just that. So see how many phrasal verbs you know and how many new ones you can learn.

And if you decide you need a bit more practice in this area, we have just the right resource for you. Communicative Phrasal Verbs will help you understand how to use phrasal verbs correctly and how to easily apply them in everyday communication.

Test your phrasal verbs

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If a product doesn't live _______ your  expectations, it is not as good as you expected.

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If you run _____ the internet allowance on your phone, you have none left.

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If you turn ______ a job offer, you reject it.

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If a plane takes ____, it becomes airborne.

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If a plan falls ________, it fails.

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If you put a decision _____, you postpone it until later.

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If you fill _____ a form, you complete it.

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If you give ______ clothes you no longer need, you donate them.

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If business picks _______ after a quiet period, it starts to improve and make a profit.

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If  you shop _________ for something, you compare the prices in a few different shops first before buying the thing.

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If you put a fire _____, you extinguish it.

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If you butt _____, you interrupt or intrude on a conversation.

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If you carry ______ an experiment, you  conduct it.

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If you come _____ a brick wall, you face a problem or obstacle while trying to do something.

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If your company is cutting ____ expenses, it tries to limit them.

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If you get held _____ in traffic, you get stuck in it.

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If you bump _____ someone in the street, you run into them by chance.

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If you get _____ your neighbours, you have a friendly relationship with them.

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If you feel you are coming _____ a cold, you are starting to experience the symptoms of a cold.

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If twenty people turn _______ at a conference, it means the conference is attended by twenty people.

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