5 ways to save the ocean with $1 bln to spend

The enviroment needs taking care of more than ever before. If you had one billion to spend on ocean conservation, what would you do with the money? In this lesson, based on a video from The Economist, five leading thinkers give us an insight into the state of our ocean today and present their ideas on how to save it.

The supplementary material for this lesson is Vocabulary and Conversation Booster Part 1.
Unit 3 is all about the enviroment and included in it you’ll find:

  • The environment – vocabulary race
  • Useful collocations
  • Are you an eco-warrior?
  • Let’s talk about the environment
  • Idioms with nature-related words
  • Challenges

You’re covered for anything environment-related. Check it out.

VideoWatch the video
Supplementary material

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