The joys of driving

Here’s a lesson that is bound to make you laugh. It features Britain’s top comedian – Michael McIntyre – and this time he’s having a rant about driving. Watch the video and see if you can relate to any of the topics he mentions.

The supplementary material for this lesson is Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 1 packed with lexical and communicative exercises. Unit two is all about cars and provides a tonne of practice on anything driving-related. Here’s what you’ll find inside the unit:

  • Verbs related to cars and driving
  • Getting ready to hit the road
  • Nouns related to cars and driving
  • Car parts
  • Let’s talk about cars and driving
  • Idioms connected with cars and driving
  • Challenges

Follow the link and click on preview to have a look at the contents.

VideoWatch the video
Supplementary material

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