Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 2

It took longer than expected to complete but we are absolutely thrilled to bits to announce that our much awaited and absolutely irresistible Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 2 has finally landed on Three Wise Kangaroos. What’s in it?

Five content-packed units centred around new exciting themes and they are:


Health and medicine



Space exploration


If you’re unfamiliar with the series, here’s a little insight for you.

Vocabulary and Conversation Booster Part 2 is the second e-book in a series of e-books focused on vocabulary and speaking, divided into handy theme-based units. It is made up of five units. Each unit consists of a vocabulary section, communicative practice, idioms and challenges.

The vocabulary practice is a mix of varied exercises aimed at helping students increase their range of lexical items in a given topic area. They include gap-fill activities, matching activities, vocabulary races and  more.

The communicative part – Let’s talk about … is in the form of discussion questions and provides context for practising the newly learnt vocabulary in speaking.

The exercises on idioms expand on a given theme and can make for additional practice for more capable students.

The language challenges which complement each unit are little tasks that involve applying various skills and make for additional ideas on how to revise and reinforce the newly learnt material and how to implement it in practice. They might require the students to write something, do some research, watch a video, read an article or hold a debate with friends.

The e-book is a practical workbook aimed at both teachers and independent learners of English.

If you are an autonomous student, use this e-book as a great way of organising your learning topic by topic. It will allow you to revise, learn and practise your knowledge in a fun and meaningful way and will provide ideas on how to maximise your time with English.

If you are a teacher of English, you can use this e-book as a great resource pack to supplement your course. You can pick and choose from a variety of activities, depending on your and your students’ needs and preferences. The e-book is aimed at B1, B2 and C1 students. Each of the topical units can also serve as a follow-up to the free, video-based lessons you will find on threewisekangaroos.com. We are sure you’re going to have lots of fun working with our Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 2.