Test your travel-related vocabulary

Whether you are just about to set off on a journey abroad or are planning a trip in a long-term perspective, it never hurts to test your travel-related vocabulary. And if you’re looking for more resources connected with the topic of travel and tourism, our latest e-book English for Travel will be right up your alley. It covers most aspects of travel and is packed with fun, engaging, and up-to-date content.

You will find in it twenty-two theme-based units filled with real-life language and meaningful, relatable and very practical activities spanning across such areas as types of holidays, accommodation, transport, tourist attractions, dining, airports, problems people might experience on holiday and much much more.

Learn and revise useful collocations and practical phrases to use while en route, together with idioms, confusables and differences between British and American English. You will also find out about the latest trends in tourism and be able to test your knowledge of English-speaking countries. To top it all off, there is a bunch of challenges too to help you recycle and reinforce the newly-learnt material. Check it out.

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