Do we need vitamin pills?

Who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? We all do. And there are a lot of products on the market which promise us to reach that goal, including vitamin pills. Today’s lesson, based on a short BBC video, is all about the hidden dangers and surprising benefits of food supplements.

And if you decide you’d like to practise the topic of health and medicine or the topic of food some more, dig into our Vocabulary and Conversation Booster – Part 2 for a ton of lexical and communicative activities.

If you’re unfamiliar with the title, Vocabulary and Conversation Booster Part 2 is the second e-book in a series of e-books aimed at helping students improve their range of lexis and hence their speaking skills. It consists of five theme-based units, each of which includes a variety of vocabulary exercises, stimulating discussion topics, idiomatic expressions with additional speaking practice and a list of challenges– practical tasks that allow the students to use the newly learnt material outside class in a wide range of scenarios. The themes covered in Vocabulary and Conversation Booster Part 2 are Health and Medicine, Food, Animals, Space exploration and Hygge. Check it out.

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