The future of work

In the 21st century all aspects of our life are changing at the speed of light, and work is no exception. The workplace is undergoing changes that reflect the wider use of technology, location-independence of workers, increasing automation and growing surveillance to name but a few. It seems that the concept of one job for life is becoming a thing of the past. Watch the video listed below and find out if your job is threatened by extinction.

The supplementary material for this lesson is an e-book called English at Work featuring 15 units based on workplace-related themes. It’s a super practical workbook for both busy teachers and self-taught students of English, packed with real-life language and fun activities. It includes general vocabulary related to work, useful office phrases, verb-noun collocations for describing workplace duties, phrasal verbs, idioms, confusing pairs, adjectives for describing employees, vocabulary related to remuneration, perks, confusables and much, much more. Job seekers will find it very useful for preparing for a job interview. Apart from vocabulary practice, there are plenty of communicative activities, writing tasks as well as tips on how to make learning fun and effective. If you want to learn/teach English related to work and business, this e-book is your ultimate choice.

The book is divided into 15 clear, user-friendly, photocopiable, theme-based chapters, comes with an answer key and is suitable for students who are B2/C1 level, though it can be adapted for use with B1 students as well. Click on the e-book and have a peek at its content.

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